School Divisions and Event Schedule

Preliminaries on Saturday

  • The preliminaries are split into two sessions rather than one full day session to accommodate the large number of swimmers. This was done to accommodate swimmers, family and spectators and to mitigate the impact on the Etobicoke Olympium in terms of traffic, congestion and parking.
  • Each school will compete in one of the two sessions.
  • The Morning session is referred to as Division A and the Afternoon session is referred to as Division B.
  • Division A: Morning session, must be on deck by 7:30 am
  • Division B: Afternoon session, must be on deck by 12:30 pm


Please review the school division schedule to find out when your school is swimming.  See you in the pool!

A schedule of events has been posted. A printable schedule can be found on the Preliminaries and Finals Agenda page. Parents, please direct any questions regarding your schools schedule to your coach.

** Important Note: Given the capacity limits, the number of teams & estimated number of swimmers, teams are asked to limit the number of coaching staff on deck to a maximum of 1 coach per 10 swimmers – up to a maximum of 10 total. Limits will be strictly enforced by event security. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.