Wristband Policy

(updated April 18)

The Host school has been strongly advised by the Etobicoke Olympium to implement a plan to address crowd-control so that the capacity limits will be adhered to.

·         470 person limit on deck per session (meet personnel, officials & lifeguards & swimmers in races)

·         697 person limit in lower stands (swimmers & coaches)

·         747 person limit in gallery (upper stands) (spectators)

At all times, spectators must keep the stairs and walkways clear, and there can be NO STANDING at the railing.


  1. Wristbands for viewing area (upper stands/gallery) – anyone (adults and children) arriving as a spectator who wishes to view the Meet from the viewing area will need a wristband.  These wristbands were sent to the coaches to hand out before the Meet.  There are no more wristbands available.  Each school received 1 per swimmer and additional ones based on a mathematical formula divided equally among the schools.

At this time, there is no wristband policy in effect for the viewing area (upper stands/gallery) for the Sunday Finals. However, security individuals will be present to ensure that the gallery is not overcrowded and will redirect spectators should there be any issues with overcrowding in any section of the gallery.

  1. Wristbands for Coaches for on-deck access – these will be handed out at the Coaches’ meetings on Meet weekend.
  2. Wristbands for Volunteers for on-deck access – these will be handed out at the volunteer check-in on Meet weekend.
  3. Principals – Principals do not required wristbands ahead of time.  When they arrive at the Meet, security has a list and will provide them with a wristband.

Anyone who does not have a wristband will be stopped by Security personnel at the doors leading to the upper stands or the pool deck entrance.  

Individuals without wristbands are still able to access the general areas of the Olympium  – lobbies, changerooms, cafeteria, etc.

Security personnel will also be regularly checking the spectators in the stands to ensure they have a wristband. If you are in the stands without a wristband, you will be asked to leave.

Please do not try to cheat the system the Host school has put into place. The wristband system is there for the enjoyment and safety of everyone.