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Picture in Motion is the official photographer for Swim Ontario

Get professional action pictures of your child!


To avoid disappointment, sign up (Online Only) early and sign up for more events by following out PHOTO SIGN-UP GUIDELINE AND POLICIES.

For a digital copy of the prices. Please click Photo Flyer.

Digital Image Each – $12.50 / Whole single event – $60.00 (IM = 2 Events)PIM-Individual2 Ensemble (Collage): 8″x12″ – $35.00 / 12″x18″ – $60.00






Individual Picture: 5″x7″ – $12.50 /    8″x 12″ – $17.50 / 12″x 18″ – $30.00PIM-Individual1 Studio: 8″x 12″ – $60.00 / 12″x 18″ – $75.00PIM-Studio
Multi-Action: 8″x12″ – $60.00 / 12″x18″ – $75.00






Poster Size: 13″x 19″ – $35.00 / 16″ x 20″ – $50.00 16″x 24″ – $60.00 / 20″x 24″ – $65.00 / 24″x 36″ –    $75.00






** All taxes extra


Due to popular demand of our action photo service at TCDSB Swim Meets in
the past, we have established the following policies and helpful hints to
ensure our service will be provided with the highest possible quality.

1. ONLINE Sign-Up ONLY – In order to streamline the sign-up process and
focus on picture taking, we accept only advance online sign-up.

2. Any parent who is interested in signing up action pictures for your
children, please sign-up online as soon as you have the event information (Event No). We understand you will not have the heat and lane numbers. Therefore, you may skip them.

3. To sign-up online, go to
Meet Name: 2019 TCDSB

Club Name: (School Name)
Event #1, #2, #3: Follow the examples; Skip Heat and Lane #’s if not available.
Customer Name: Parent’s name
Sign-up Fee: It is a deposit which will go towards the order total. A full refund will be issued for
event(s) missed.
Maximum number of events: 3

4. Sign-up fee remittance is expected before the online picture review
link is sent.
Sign-up fee remittance methods:
      a. Etransfer to
      b. Text or call-in credit card number, expiry date and cvv(3 digits
at the back of the card) to 416-712-6812.

5. We do not have a cut off time for signing up. The following factors
will determine if we are able to take pictures of your swimmers.
      a. The closer to the event, the more sign-ups will arrive to our
mailbox. Therefore, there is a chance these sign-ups will not get
to our photographer in time.
     b. Multiple swimmers could have signed up for the same race. When
this happened, the “First come first serve” rule will apply.

6. Our objective is to have some pictures for every swimmer who has signed
up. Therefore, we may make adjustment to our No.5 policy base on this

7. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we may not be able to get any picture
for a few swimmers at the meet. When this happened, please accept our
sincere apologies and we are glad to refund you the deposit.

8. We will notice you on Saturday night if we do not get any picture for
your swimmer so that in case your swimmer competes at the finals, you
may sign-up for it. If we have already taken pictures for your swimmers
at the preliminary round, please do not request pictures again at the
finals, to give the opportunities to other swimmers.