Photographer – Picture in Motion

Picture in Motion is the official photographer for Swim Ontario

Get professional action pictures of your child!

To avoid disappointment, sign up early and sign up for more events at our booth located in the cafeteria, 2nd floor.  Our goal is to have some pictures for every swimmer who has signed up.

Digital Image Each – $12.50 / Whole single event – $60.00 (IM = 2 Events)PIM-Individual2 Ensemble (Collage): 8″x12″ – $35.00 / 12″x18″ – $60.00


Individual Picture: 5″x7″ – $12.50 / 8″x12″ – $17.50 / 12″x18″ – $30.00PIM-Individual1 Studio: 8″x12″ – $60.00 / 12″x18″ – $75.00PIM-Studio
Multi-Action: 8″x12″ – $60.00 / 12″x18″ – $75.00


Poster Size: 13″x19″ – $35.00 / 16″ x 20″ – $50.00 16″x 24″ – $60.00 / 20″x 24″ – $65.00 / 24″x 36″ –    $75.00


** All taxes extra


Due to popular demand of our action photo service at TCDSB Swim Meets in the past, we have established the following policies and helpful hints to ensure our service will be provided with the highest possible quality.

  1. Sign up is required for us to take pictures of your swimmers. We will charge $10 deposit for each swimmer. The deposit will go towards your final purchase.
  2. Due to lacking of detail competition schedule (heat sheets) before the event, we are unable to accept advance sign up.
  3. Our booth, located in the cafeteria, second floor, will be opened two hours before competition start.
  4. You will be required to submit a sign up form with detail swimmer and customer information completed. Your will need a copy of the event program (can be purchased at the event) for looking up the event, heat and lane numbers of your swimmer’s race
  5. For our photographer to focus in taking the best possible pictures, we need to provide him with all the requests before the event start. Therefore we need all the signups submitted 15 minutes before the event start.  Late requests will be processed ONLY when they can reach the photographer in time.
  6. In some events, multiple swimmers could have signed up for the same race. When this happened, we will take their pictures in the same order as the order of their signups.
  7. Our objective is to have some pictures for every swimmer who has signed up. Therefore, we may make adjustment to our No.6 policy base on this objective.
  8. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we may not be able to provide pictures for a few swimmers in this event. If this happen, we are glad to refund your deposit.
  9. If we have already taken some good pictures for your swimmers on the preliminary round, we would like to ask you not to request pictures again at the finals, to give the opportunities to other swimmers.