Parents & Swimmers

The Preliminary and Final Events for the 2018 TCDSB Swim Invitational will be held at the Etobicoke Olympium.  Please refer to Etobicoke Olympium for directions and information on parking & facilities.

Information below is subject to change.


Daily Schedule – as of April 16


When committing to your school swim team, plan on attending both days.

For information on eligibility criteria for swimmer participation in the meet please refer to:

Qualifying Times 2018


Strokes and Turns Rules:


Strokes and Turns Rules


Program Guide: The Meet Program Guide includes heat sheets and will be available at the meet.

  • Heat sheets identify which event, heat and lane your child is swimming in.
  • Once you have the heat sheets, it is very important that you review the events with your swimmer.
  • Your children must know where they should be at all times.  Please go over your children’s event number and lane assignments with them and write this information on their hand or arm in ink where they can read it.  Coaches will not hafve time to do this on deck.
  • Swimmers must stay with       =               team on deck for the duration of the meet.
  • We need every swimmer available to swim his/her individual events and for relays.
  • Please do not leave the pool until the coach has confirmed that you are finished swimming.
  • The pool deck will be very crowded with timers, marshalls, coaching staff and swimmers.
  • Parents are NOT ALLOWED on the pool deck to speak with swimmers.
  • Parents are NOT ALLOWED on deck to take pictures.
  • Flash photography is NOT ALLOWED.


What to Pack Each child should have a bag packed with one or two towels, deck shoes, goggles, a swim cap AND dry clothes to go home in!  Make sure that your swimmers name is on everything that you bring on deck because unfortunately things do go missing and it is impossible to recover items without names.

Anticipate the stands to be crowded. We encourage you to leave coats and unnecessary items in your car.

AwardsMedals will be awarded to first, second, and third place finalists.  Fourth to eighth place finishers will receive a ribbon.

Meet Format & ResultsThe results of the Preliminary Sessions (A and B)  will be combined to determine the top 16 finalists (+ 2 alternates) for the Individual Events.  Only swimmers advancing to the Finals for Individual Events and those participating in the Relay Events, need to be present for the Finals on Sunday.

Volunteer Assignments Volunteers will be contacted directly via email or phone to confirm their volunteer assignment and reporting time.

Code of Conduct:  Just a reminder that only registered coaches, swimmers and on-deck volunteers will have access to the pool deck. Spectators are to remain in the viewing stands.

It is the coaches responsibility to supervise the children from their school.  This includes ensuring that they are adhering to the rules of the Olympium Pool as outlined in the Code of Conduct Policy