Meet Information

2019 TCDSB Swim Invitational Dates:



  • Events will be held in one of two 8 lane, 25 metre pools. Please respect the Olympium Pool Rules & Regulations
  • Strict security procedures will be implemented to limit deck access to authorized officials and participating teams (swimmers & coaches).


  • March 5th, 2019: Meet Registration Package will be made available on-line for download no later than March 5th.
  • Please refer to the Coach Download File section or click on the below link:

                Coach’s Information Package 2019

  • It will include all necessary forms, software instructions and events file. School contacts will be notified as soon as it is available

Entry Fees

  • $9.00 per individual event and $12.00 per relay event.
  • Fees are due with Entries Submission on March 8th, 2019
  • Please make cheque payable to St. Demetrius School.


  • All swimmers must be between the ages of 7 and 13 inclusively as of December 31, 2017 and must be a student enrolled at the elementary school he/she is representing.
  • Swimmers with a disability (SWAD) are encouraged to participate provided they meet reasonable swim standards. Please discuss specific cases with the Meet Manager.
  • A signed Swimmer Registration Form and Code of Conduct must be completed for each swimmer and this documentation must be on hand at the swim meet in case of an incident.

Entry limitations

  • Maximum 3 individual events per swimmer entered at his/her age level.
  • Age level is determined by age of swimmer as of December 31, 2018.

** Important Note: Given the capacity limits, the number of teams & estimated number of swimmers, teams are asked to limit the number of coaching staff on deck to a maximum of 1 coach per 10 swimmers – up to a maximum of 10 total.

Please adhere to the capacity guidelines sent to you per school after the coaches meeting. This will be enforced.

Relays Rules and Limitations

  • One entry per school per relay event.
  • Swimmers must swim at least one individual event to be eligible to participate in a relay.
  • 4 Different swimmers for each 25m leg of the relay.
  • Freestyle Relay:  grades 3 to 8
  • Medley Relay: grades 4 to 8; grade 3 swimmers (8 yr old), may “age-up” if needed.
  • Must be filled with eligible swimmers in each respective age & gender range before “aging-up” is allowed.
  • Maximum 4 relay events per swimmer to be entered at his/her age group or higher up to two age levels up.
  • Must have same swimmers for Saturday prelims & Sunday Finals – no substitutions (swim order may change).
  • Relay Cards can be done via Hytek Team Manager and must be submitted electronically by April 17, 2019, to the Meet Manager.
  • Schools are expected to adhere to relay rules as stated.

Mixed Relay

  • Eligible for small schools only (30 swimmers or less).
  • The team must consist of 2 boys and 2 girls (in any order), and one swimmer must be in each of the following age categories – 9 and under; 10 and under; 12 and under; and 13 and under.

Qualifying Times/Age Levels

  • Given the time constraint to complete Preliminary Sessions in a four hour window AND given heats will not be organized by seed times, schools are asked to respect the Qualifying Time Standards for swimmers in Individual Events.   Swimmers are expected to meet or beat the time standard for each Individual Event they are entered in.
  • Refer to the Qualifying time guidelines included in the link below:
  • Qualifying Times 2019 Events by Age Group

Volunteers Requirements

  • Participating schools must submit their roster of volunteers by March 1st.
  • Schools failing to provide a full roster of volunteers by deadline may lose their spot at the Meet.
  • Total on-deck volunteers for both days: 250
  • Volunteers will be assigned in accordance with their availability, skills and experience at the sole discretion of the Meet Manager.
  • Students will NOT be assigned as timers in the same lane.
  • Parents from the same school will NOT be assigned in the same lane to avoid conflict of interest in recording finish times.
  • Parents may NOT change lanes once on deck to pair up with someone other than whom they have been assigned.

Special Olympics Event

  • Event 74 is an Exhibition Event for Special Olympic Athletes.
  • Event 74 has been designated as a manually timed Individuals 25m Finals Event scheduled for Sunday April 29.
  • To encourage enrollment in this event, the number of SOA athletes will NOT count toward a school’s 100 athlete maximum nor will their entries count toward a school’s 200 entry maximum for individual entries.
  • Due to these factors, Event 74 will NOT be scored.
  • Schools will NOT be charged an entry fee for SOA swimmers

Deck Entries

  • Deck entries will NOT be accepted.
  • Swimmers who have NOT been registered in advance cannot be substituted in for a Registered swimmer who is scratched.

Session times

Schools will be assigned to a division at the discretion of the Meet Managers; based on the # of events/heats/swimmers per session.  The preliminaries for each division are as follows:

  • Division A
  • Division B
  • Finals


  • All finals will take place on Sunday April 29th with Individual Events swam first, followed by Relays to begin no earlier than a set time that will be posted closer to the date of the meet.

Division A & B results combined to produce 1 overall ranking (not top 8/division)

  • The top 16 swimmers, by time, (plus 2 alternates) from the Saturday combined preliminaries will advance to the finals. Individual events with less than 16 entries may advance directly to Finals.
  • The top 8 relay teams, by time, (plus 1 alternate) from the Saturday combined preliminaries will advance to the finals. Relay events with less than 6 entries may advance directly to finals.