Host School History

A long standing tradition for the TCDSB Invitational Swim Meet is that each participating school (or combination of schools) is required to host the meet once in a 10 year cycle.   Ideally, a new Host School has been identified and shadows the current year Host School through current year planning activities to facilitate knowledge transfer. The following table documents the history of Host Schools dating back to 1992.

Year Host School
2019 St. Demetrius
2018 St. Gregory
2017 St. Denis
2016 St. Clement
2015 St. Edward
2013 Our Lady of Sorrows
2012 St. Clement
2011 Annunciation
2010 Ste. Marguerite d’Youville
2009 St. John
2008 St. Edward
2007 St Antione Daniel
2006  St. Clement
2005  St. Denis
2004  Blessed Trinity
2003  Holy Angels, St. Marguerite D’Youville, St. Leo
2002  Our Lady of Sorrows
2001  Annunciation
2000  St. Brendan
1999  St. Michael’s Choir School
1998  St. Denis
1997  St. Cyril
1996  St. Gabriel
1995  St. Clement
1994  Blessed Trinity
1993  St. Anselm
1992  Our Lady of Sorrows